Florida High School Records

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About us. ... and about submitting records

Buddy Collings, a lifelong Florida resident, has tracked state high school sports records for nearly four decades while working as a sports reporter. Since 1998 he has been a senior sports writer for the Orlando Sentinel after working 12 years at the Gainesville Sun.

Buddy's work can be read at SentinelVarsity.com and on Twitter at @VarsityBuddy.

Many thanks go out to sports writers and coaches who have provided information over the years to make these lists possible. 

This collection will always be a work in progress with every effort made to maintain updated lists as record-breakers arrive on the high school scene each and every season. 

We all know that high school statistics can be an imperfect science. Still, we make every effort to protect the sanctity of past achievements by demanding legitimacy for each stat listed on these pages. 

If you send me a note on a performance that could qualify for inclusion please include as much information as possible so the feat can be verified and confirmed. Include newspaper accounts and/or any other evidence available and whenever possible contact information for coaches and media that can provide details. 

Thank you. And enjoy the records! 

Please send information on any corrections, omissions or additions to Buddy Collings at bcollings@orlandosentinel.com. 

Buddy Collings 

Read Buddy at SentinelVarsity.com and on Twitter at @VarsityBuddy

Buddy Collings, keeper of Florida high school sports records for four decades.